Calgary’s Canadian Culture And Heritage At Its Best

Calgary is a beautiful city located in the Alberta Province of Canada. The city lies at the confluence of the Elbow River and Bow River.  There are many tourist destinations in downtown Calgary like art galleries, shopping centers, museums, resorts, parks, and gardens.  Our brief stay with our friends Tommy & Sarah who run was amazing.  It is a beautiful city and the experience was quite adventurous.  Besides the beautiful outdoors, the vibrant nightlife and luxurious dining venues keep the tourists entertained throughout the year.  A few exciting places to visit in the city are as follows:

  • Studio Bell

Studio Bell was established by the National Music Centre located in Downtown East Village.  It is famous as Calgary’s National Museum of music history. Here you can find a collection of over 2000 musical instruments and relics. Some of the famous displays are Elton John’s pianos, TONTO synthesizer, and Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.  We had lots of fun at the interactive instruments gallery. The volunteers helped us with different musical instruments and also educated us on the history of their oldest exhibits.

  • Heritage Park Historical Village

Located at 1900 Heritage Drive, the Heritage Park Historical Village is the most visited destination in the city. Established in the year 1964, the museum is built on 127 acres of land. If you are in Calgary, you should definitely visit this place. With over a 100 historical exhibits the museum continues to be Canada’s largest museum of living history. The top attractions of the place are a steam locomotive, a roundhouse, a paddle steamer, an antique midway with park rides, and an aboriginal encampment.

  • Bow River

If you appreciate natural scenic attractions, you should certainly visit the banks of the Bow River where they have beautiful walkways adjacent to the shoreline. The waterfront path is popular among bikers and hikers. Fly fishing is one of the major tourist activities in this area. The view of the mountains and the foliage from the walkway is truly captivating.

Carson City is an importance historic place

Carson City is a place of historic importance and also the capital city of Nevada. It has several places of interest and historic landmarks including state museums and parks. Carson City is flanked by Carson River along its south-western border and towards the west flows the Lake Tahoe with its beaches and harbors that fall within the city. Carson City was our first destination in Nevada and we did learn a lot about the state by visiting some of the famed historic sites in the city. Listed below are the 3 major attractions in this place:

Nevada State Museum

The most-visited historic site in Carson City is the Nevada State Museum which is located at North Carson Street. Besides exhibiting Nevada’s old mining equipment and mint machinery, the place is popular for its collection of fossils. Here you can see the fossil of the world’s largest Columbian Mammoth which was excavated from the Black Rock Desert. Also, the museum displays the oldest mummy in North America- the Spirit Cave Mummy. The tour was very informative and helped us learn a lot about local history. The place allows the kids for free but charge a fee of $8 for adults.

Nevada State Capitol Building

Our next destination was the Nevada State Capitol Building located at North Carson Street. Visiting the historic site was an exciting trip and we had a tour guide accompanying us who expertly explained to us the background and history of the place. The second floor of the capitol building houses a small museum that exhibits some of the most valuable artifacts. The park surrounding the building was exquisitely beautiful and was adorned with several monumental structures. 

Best Five Attractions in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Düsseldorf has everything that a tourist wishes for. Galleries, museums, picturesque towns, gardens, modernized cities, vibrant nightlife, fairs, luxury shopping, local and world-class restaurants, etc. made me and my family busy during our visit to this charming city. Here are the five must-see attractions in Düsseldorf.

  1. Altstadt, The Old Town

This is the “Party capital” of Düsseldorf with numerous traditional breweries and bars located here. The highlights of the area include the old palace tower or Burgplatz, Rathaus or city hall and the statue of Elector Jan Wellem. The Castle Tower houses the marine museum or Schiffahrts.

  1. Museum Kunstpalast or the Museum of Art

This museum attracted me because of its uniqueness. The exhibits date from the 3rd century BC and the latest applied artwork and graphic art are also on display. You can also attend the classical concerts and theatrical performances happening here. The Kunst Im Tunnel or Art in Tunnel has the display by the local artists.

  1. Königsallee or King’s Avenue

As a shopaholic, I was drawn to this place which is a paradise for shoppers. You can find the luxury designer boutiques on one end of the promenade and more affordable chains on the southern end. The picturesque canal and cafes are good places to spend some time.

  1. Hofgarten

If you are looking for tranquility in the city then this green space is the right place to unwind. The park created in 1769 covers 70 acres with ponds, bridges, meadows, woods, fountains, walking paths and flowerbeds. City’s theater museum and Goethe museum are located in this park. There are many memorials, monuments and other sculptures worth seeing in the garden.

  1. Rhine Sightseeing

To get the best view of Düsseldorf, you can opt for the cruise trips on the Rhine. You can enjoy the modern architecture of the city from the water. Cruises are available from Burgplatz pier near Altstadt. For me, the unlimited drinks offered by the cruises were a bit hard to resist.

Major Attractions in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

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Santo Domingo is a very busy city in Ecuador where tourists get to enjoy a limited number of activities. It is a place that you can visit for a day when you are touring Ecuador. This is a very good city to visit for bird watchers, rafting, rainforest trails, etc. 

Check Out these Attractions 

  1. Jardín Botánico La Carolina

This botanical garden is the first place that you should check out when you are in Santo Domingo. It is just a few kilometers away from the city center. It is one of the best parks to catch glimpses of a wide variety of local and migratory birds. 

  1. Catedral De Santo Domingo De Los Colorados

I loved this modern and new cathedral that is located in Santo Domingo. It was a real visual treat to see this modern church and cathedral. It had long and attractive French windows and glass panes that added beauty to the outside of the church.  

  1. Chocolate Farm Ecuador

I love chocolates and hence I instantly took on a trip to this farm to know all about chocolates. Let me tell you my visit to this farm was worthwhile as I got to know every bit of information that I needed to know about chocolate. It is spread over 100 acres and you get to taste a wide variety of exotic fruits here.

  1. Tinalandia

If you are an adventure loving person and love to trek for a long time, then do visit this place. There are tour agencies that offer a one day trip to this area where you get to go on trails and explore the deep forests.  

  1. Tsáchila Communities Tour

There are 8 communities that are spread all over Santo Domingo. Take a tour to these communities and get to visit the people of Taschila. You will learn more about their history, art, culture, dance and also their local food and traditions.

Plan a Short Vacation at Auburn

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Which is the third largest city in New York and well known for its metropolitan culture? The city is big and you have ample option to enjoy here.  If you are from New York and do not have big budgets for vacation, then come to Auburn and have some fun time

I visited this city around 6 months back with my family and we really had a nice time here. There are many places to see. If you are on a long vacation, then you can explore all the options patiently. But, if you are on a short trip and need some guidance, then here are some places that you should cover in Auburn, and your trip to this city can be considered as complete.

The city is located at Owasco Lake north end and has a decent population size. I started my tour from a popular spot, Auburn-Fleming trail.

Auburn-Fleming Trail is wonderful if you are coming here for the first time. The locals say don’t go alone, so follow the instruction, although there seems no danger in walking alone as it is not an isolated place. I like this trail; there are ample scenic beauty and picturesque scenes.

After enjoying the beauty of Auburn-Fleming trail, we headed for Falcon Park. This park is for a baseball game, however, no matter you have an interest in baseball or not, it is worth checking this one. The park is small enough to have a close view of what going on there and big enough to accommodate a huge audience without giving the feeling of a crowded place.

CJS Vineyard, if you have never been to any vineyard, come here and enjoy. It is a well-maintained park and will give you a great feeling. You also get some wines to taste here, adding bonanza to the trip.

Bamberg: Tour All Cool Things To Do

Bamberg, as declared by UNESCO, is a World Heritage Site. What attracted me to this city was the fact that it sprawls over 7 hills and is perched on the shore of River Regnitiz. The architecture, the beauty spots, and the rich culture will surely mesmerize you. Here are some of the things that you should do when you are in this city.

Bamberg Cathedral

The cathedral had been founded in the early eleventh century by Roman Emperor Henry II. You can marvel at the works of art. I was astonished by the incredible works of medieval architecture showcased by the cathedral. There are 4 towers outside and this continues where you will find a choir at every end. The western is Gothic and the eastern is Romanesque. Make sure you visit the tomb of Henry II and Kunigunde, his wife.

Alte Hofhaltung

It is a renaissance complex that has commercial, as well as residential buildings. Alte Hofhaltung was been established in the eleventh century during the time when diocese had originated. There is a gallery that is timber-framed at the eastern corner. Take a walk through the Cathedral Square and pass the Parchtportal to reach Mary’s relief in front of the cathedral’s image.

Historisches Museum

The culture and history of World Heritage have been unveiled inside this museum. I found a painting gallery in here which displays several works by Lucas Cranach, the Brueghel, and Otto Modersohn. You will also get an idea about the bourgeois class by checking out the furniture, portraits, jewelry, textiles, and home appliances.

Altes Rathaus

There is an interesting story behind the old-town hall of Bamberg. In the fourteenth century, the Bishop of the city had denied his land to the resident of the city for developing the town hall. Hence, they decided to make it on River Regnitiz stake. This is a great site to visit.

Granby: What To Do And Where To Go?

Granby welcomes several visitors every year. Granby, so much to offer to its travelers, that you cannot fathom. There are several events and activities that you can be a part of. In case you are planning a visit to Granby, there are the top things to do.

  • Visit a museum

Canadian Army and Bronze Museum is a place where you will be able to learn about the past. It is a museum that showcases the heritage of the city. I found all kinds of war relics, firearms, swords, and knives in here. What’s great is that everything has been presented beautifully. There are guided tours if you want to learn more and know some interesting stories. It is surely recommended for anyone who is visiting Granby.

  • Stopover at a zoo

Granby Zoo is one of the primary attractions. It is also one of the biggest zoos in Canada. It houses 225 species and 1500 different animals. The zoo is completely action packed and has a water park, too. However, keep in mind that the zoo is open only during the weekends.

  • Drop in at a farm

Set up for some natural exploration. Visit the Verger Champetre to spend some time among nature. This is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your family. Take a wagon tour and cuddle the animals. You and your kids can also have the experience of feeding these 120 farm animals. If you are interested in the farm, learn more about it from the Interpretation Center.

  • Visit an amusement center

Take out some time from your schedule to visit the Grimpe Et Partou. This is a place where you will be able to have great fun with your kids. There are many play structures and games to explore.

What Does Gatineau Have To Offer For Its Visitors?

Whenever I think of a city to visit on a vacation, I would look for recreation, attractions, food, shopping, and nightlife offered. I found the tourist options of Gatineau to be very attractive and inviting. It had everything that I longed for and I must tell you that my trip to this wonderful city located close to the Ottawa city was one of the best cities I had visited for a long time.

Some of the attractions that I liked and recommend you to check out in Gatineau are:

  • Gatineau Park

There is a host of outdoor activities that you can do once you get to this park in a woodland and hilly area. You will fall in love with this place as it offers you activities like riding, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, camping, walking, and jogging. I visited this park during the autumn season and enjoyed my strolling on the footpath. I witnessed the leaves change its colors and it was an amazing sight. The other major attractions were the marble cave called Lusk Cave and the residence of the former Prime Minister Mackenzie King Estate.

  • Canadian Museum of History

This museum is located on the Gatineau riverbank and is a picturesque sight from the outside. There are more than one million artifacts on display at the museum and the displays are done at the Grand Hall, the Canada hall, and the First Peoples Hall. I enjoyed the trip to this museum and got to know more about the history of Canada.

  • Jacques Cartier Park

This is one of the major attractions for family tourists visiting Gatineau. There are activities on offer all year round. The winter time is a major attraction here as there are snow slides and Nordic skiing trails available. The summertime is also attractive for the travelers as they get to spend some quality time at the lakes.

London – A Tourist Destination Filled With Fun, Entertainment, And Relaxation

The city of London in Ontario, as I see it, is a fun city that has plenty of history, great culture, very attractive natural conversation places, and entertainment options. I am happy to have taken a trip to the London city or the forest city in Ontario as it has given me plenty of moments to cherish. There are plenty of attractions and activities that this London city has to offer.

  • London Museum

This is a museum that is home to over 45,000 artifacts and over 5000 artworks. The best part is that most of the arts and crafts featured here are made by regional artists. I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork on display at the museum as it helped me to understand the culture and the history of London.

  • Convent Garden Market

If you love to shop on your trips, then you should never miss this market. Here, you will get to see all the local farm produce and fresh products, unique London memorabilia and gifts, gourmet foods, etc. This was a market that helped me get to know more about the local community and what London city in Ontario is all about.

  • Fanshawe Conservation Area

I love adventure sports and was overwhelmed to take hiking trail in the Fanshawe Conservation Area. This place has over 20 kilometers of hiking and biking trails for all the fun and adventure sports enthusiasts. This space is spread over 3000 acres of outdoor area. The annual Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival takes place on 10th June. Visit during that time to enjoy a wonderful boating event.

  • Storybook Gardens

If you have a family trip planned for London, then do not miss to visit this 60-year-old fantasy land. The garden is spread over 20 acres and is built based on the nursery rhymes and fairy tales. There are plenty of amusements offered for kids like puppet shows, water play area, play structures, musical shows, etc.

St. John – A Historic And Welcoming Big City

I was a bit skeptical when my family wanted to take a trip to the city of St. John in Newfoundland, Canada. I felt that it was an old city and would not offer anything other than age-old tradition and culture. But, I was totally wrong. The trip with family to St. John will remain etched in my mind for many years as it offered plenty of sight and sounds that gave me an out of the world touring experience.

  • The Provincial Museum

The museum is located on Duckworth Street and this is a heritage site. It has now turned into a cultural hub called the Rooms along with the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Art Gallery. Even though I am not an arts and culture person, I really admired all the arts and the different things that were on show at the museum and the art gallery.

  • Water Street

I am a water person and love to be surrounded by waters. This is what the Water Street, the St. John’s oldest street, is all about. This was once a commercial center of this large city of Newfoundland. It is the docking place for the cruise ship. The street is loaded with bakeries, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

  • Bowring Park

One of the most attractive and scenic-filled parks in St. John is the Bowring Park. It is in the Waterford Valley and was opened in 1914. The statue of Peter Pan and the sculptured duck pond are the major attractions in this park. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with my family at this park.

  • Cape Spear

I got to watch the sunrise from this place. It has two lighthouses and cliffs from where you watch the blue waters and the sunrise. Apart from the sunrise, this place also is a historic site and is the perfect place to spot icebergs and whales.