Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China has the status of being the second most populous cities of the world. Located in the northern part of China it is a municipality that is directly controlled by the national government. It is divided into rural, urban and suburban districts that are sixteen in number. There is the national capital region as well as the Tianjin municipality and the Jingjinji metropolitan region, which form the three divisions of the city.

The city has a longstanding ancient history as well as a modern façade that still holds onto several traditional architectural landmarks. Being a seat of commerce, art, culture and industries of different categories, it comes second to Shanghai, which is the largest city of the nation as per urban population.

There are several reasons why one should visit Beijing. The history of the city is rich and dates back to three millennia which make it older than other major cities of the world. It has been the capital of four ancient empires that ruled the country. Geographically the city is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has city walls that line its interiors and exteriors. It is known for the gardens, parks, temples, palaces, walls and gates as well as tombs that make the city rich and enthralling to check out.

The Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, and Forbidden City are some of the renowned world heritage sites that are present in this city. The city also houses a large number of world famous universities and companies that form the Fortune Global 500 list. The economic expansion of the city and its modernization phase has led to the modern face of the city that is defined by several skyscrapers in the city.