The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.  The Galapagos Islands are known to have the rarest wildlife and plant species on earth. These islands are a group of about 19 islands. They are a part of the Republic of Ecuador and Spanish is the commonly spoken language here. However, the currency used is US Dollars. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is known to have been based on his study of natural selection on various species on this island.

Being a volcanic archipelago, the population on the island is not very dense, about 25,000 people only live here. There are a number of active volcanoes, which have erupted quite some times in the past years. The last one erupted in 2011.

Though located on the equator, the Galapagos Islands witnesses drizzles almost through out the year because of the Humboldt current, which brings cold water to the islands. Usually there are two main seasons, warm season (December to May), when the approximate temperature is 25° C (77° F) and the garua season (June to November), when the temperature is about 21 C (72 F). June, July and August are the most preferred months for visiting the islands.

Though, The Galapagos Islands should definitely be on everybody’s travel list and Charles Darwin had visited the island back in 1835, tourism to the island for everybody has only started from 1965. This tourism was started by Forrest Nelson’s hotel ‘Galapagos’, who began organized tours. Now almost the entire island has become a tourist hub, even the locals have modified their houses and boats to suit the needs of the tourists. But, one must keep in mind that one requires permission from the military Government to stay there overnight on the beach and no one can stay there for more than 3 nights camping on the beach. Most tourists prefer to take day trips to the sea, snorkeling sites and come and stay over night at land-based hotels. Galapagos Islands has numerous scuba diving and snorkeling sites, but visiting them is allowed for limited time only and everyone has to be compulsorily accompanied by licensed professionals.  We have a friend who owns a roofing company in Albany who says the experience in and of itself is so far more amazing than any other trip he has been on.  He has recommended this trip so much that we decided to go there on our honeymoon, and did NOT regret it!!!  He is our proud sponsor and can be found at

The major tourist attractions are:

  1. Scuba Diving – With numerous diving spots, one may get lucky and may even spot various types of sharks.
  2. Snorkeling – Ideal place to experience swimming with sea lions and pacific sea turtles.
  3. Wildlife – One may be able to spot the rarest wildlife species on these islands. No wonder these islands served as an inspiration to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Varieties of animals one may spot are: penguins (really!), iguanas, sea birds, etc.

So do not waste time and pre book your flights and accommodation in order to avoid last minute rush and high prices. Do not forget to carry your swimsuits, raincoats/umbrellas, sunscreen and most importantly a waterproof camera to capture memories that will last a lifetime!  Here is an outstanding video shared by another friend, Amanda, who owns Purity Hair Design in Voorheesville.  She loves the raw experience offered here & thinks everyone should visit at some point in their lives.  You should check out the video about The Galapagos Islands found below…