This is the most populous and the capital city of Russia, which has about 13.2 million residents. Known as a Russian federal city, this is the center of the country that houses the main political activities, cultural, economic and scientific centers. It is also a significant destination and the largest city of Eastern Europe. Moscow is considered one of the largest cities of the world and it is one of the largest urban economies. Being ranked one of the alpha global cities of the world, you will experience a cold, northern temperate climate here.

The city is located by Moskva River and it is one of the most populated inland cities of the continent. It is one of the greenest capital cities of the world. The city was the seat of several political states such as the Grand Duchy of Moscow, which existed in medieval times after which the Tsardom of Russia existed here for some time after which came the Russian Empire and the Russian Federation. It is also a seat of Russian culture and has several theatres, museums as well as academic institutions of world fame.

There are several unique landmarks to visit in this city. The Ostankino Tower is one of the tallest and freestanding structures of the world which is a must see; you will also get to check out the Federation Tower here, known as the tallest skyscraper among all European countries. Among the historic buildings that are worth checking out here is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This historic, religious building has brightly colored domes and unique architecture and expressions of medieval art that make it a must see in this city.

The above points showcase the diverse culture and heritage that Moscow has. With modern landmarks and retail entertainment destinations, a visitor to the city can expect to have a full itinerary for touring the city.